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The College Board currently does not collect personal information for students under the age of 13 to enable online account creation. PSAT 8/9 test takers under . When you view your online score reports, you'll get summaries of your performance on each test and content area. You can also filter results and drill down to. Most multiple choice scores from the June 1st SAT are now available. Find out when to expect your PSAT/NMSQT scores. Find out how PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 scores are calculated and what those scores mean.

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Checking Your Scores Online The PSAT scores are released a couple of months after you take the. The PSAT score report works a bit differently than your typical SAT or ACT You' ll be able to see your scores online through your College Board account. a quality, all-around prep book or checking out SAT study websites. Scores for the PSAT were released online December , Check out our guide on what's a good PSAT score to help you set a goal!.

Access additional information online once you have your PSAT results. This section also indicates Test Scores by subject area (Reading, Writing & Language . PSAT scores are accessible online and through your school. The PSAT/ NMSQT test is administered in the middle of the fall semester and scores are PSAT score reports also include a college readiness benchmark for each of the three. If you need to know your PSAT score but can't find your score report, don't despair. The test is commonly known as the PSAT but its official name is actually the your scores online, you'll need the access code from your paper score report.

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Colorado PSAT Test Dates (Grades 9 and 10) created an online College Board account, they will be able to view their PSAT score report online. Score gains are consistent across gender, family income, race, ethnicity and parental education level. Our SAT coach tools help you support your students as they prepare for the SAT or PSAT/NMSQT®. Have them check it out today!. your score report booklet to link your scores to your address that you used when you filled out the PSAT Check out the Compass resources on interpreting . Paper PSAT score reports have been sent to schools. . the same online report details indicate that the “green zone” for the Math Test score for. Check the NDP weekly email newsletter for the upcoming “PSAT Coffee Chat” Your score report will include a total score, section scores, test scores. Check out the details of the PSAT scores and their release dates here. Now, you can access your score reports online with an access code. If you are wondering how you can check your PSAT scores online and how to interpret your PSAT score report, then you have come to the right. an online PSAT/NMSQT Score Report; a customized My SAT Study Plan™; a personality test; personalized lists of colleges, majors, and careers. Student Search. Learn which scores to focus on and how you can use your PSAT score report to prepare Comprehensive test content and strategy review, in-person or online. The College Board's new online system to deliver test scores has, to be charitable, not gone as well as planned, with delays and other.