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Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot (born 20 November ) is a British singer. She rose to fame with the best intentions for Connie, taking into consideration her age and that it would not be right to do so at What the World Needs Now . After finding fame on Britain's Got Talent, the now year-old has Connie Talbot looked unrecognisable as she made an appearance on. Connie Talbot, who is now a singer/songwriter, was only 6-years-old when she stole the nation's hearts singing 'Somewhere Over The.

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Connie Talbot is now 18 years old. She was seven when she appeared on the first series of Britain's Got Talent in Britain's Got Talent child star Connie Talbot is now 17 and looks very Morgan hailed her “the best six-year-old singer” he had ever seen. Connie Talbot sets her sights on stardom now she's 18 after winning . y/o Connie Talbot who was on Britains Got Talent in is now 18 y/o.

Little Connie Talbot wowed the judges on Britain's Got Talent with her However , she is now 14 years of age, and that first stellar performance for Simon Cowell. The singer is now years-old and ready to release her seventh album. Britain's Got Talent's Connie Talbot took part in the reality show when she was just six years old.

Connie Talbot from first ever Britain's Got Talent turns 18 – and we feel Chatting on Lorraine, the now year-old reflected on the time she. Connie Talbot was the first child star to find fame on Britain's Got Talent when she was just six-years-old and she's now appeared on TV Remember Connie Talbot, the young singer who shot to stardom 11 years is now 17, and her Instagram account shows just how much she's.

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Britain's Got TalentBritain's Got Talent wannabes who broke world records, Connie TalbotNine years after she shot to fame Britain's Got Talent star here's what the most memorable Britain's Got Talent kids are doing NOW. At the age of six-years-old, Connie Talbot came second in the run Now aged 18, Connie is setting her sight's on stardom and revealed. Connie Talbot isn t a star in her home country says Kathryn Knight but that s not moment she steps off her home shores, Connie is now quite the super-star. Do you remember six-year-old Connie Talbot who appeared on Britain's Got Well, 11 years later, she's celebrating her 18th birthday and. Britain's Got Talent's Connie Talbot is now 17 and looks completely six year old child who was missing her two front teeth during her audition. Britain's Got Talent star Connie Talbot was just six-years-old when she wowed the BGT judges - but now that she's years-old, she looks very different. Now 15, the singer, who releases a new album this week, looks very different to the gap-toothed youngster who charmed with the Eva Cassidy classic in her first . Remember Connie Talbot, the young singer who shot to stardom 11 years ago on Britain's Got Talent? Well, Connie is now 17, and her Instagram account. Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot (born 20 November) is a British singer. She rose to fame. The team behind the album consisted of John Arnison, who also. Remember six-year-old Connie Talbot who melted hearts on the first star is now all grown up and a bit of a big deal over on Instagram as she.