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What causes yellow toenails

Yellow toenails could be caused by something minor, like nail polish, or something more serious, like an infection. Aging is also a natural cause. There are several possible causes of yellow toenails, including fungal infection and overuse of nail polish. This symptom can sometimes. What can the color of your toenails tell you about your health? Watch for these shades to know if you need to talk to your doctor.

toenail trauma

Subtle changes in the color or texture of your nails may be a sign of disease elsewhere in the body. WebMD shows you what secrets might be hiding at your. The most common cause of yellow discoloration in the toenails is a fungal infection. Q: My toenails have a yellow hue that won't seem to fade. Why is this a chemical that can cause yellowing when it reacts with the keratin protein in your nails.

Yellow toenails may develop due to a fungal infection, a serious medical condition or simply from nail polish. Find out about common causes. Thick, yellow toenails can be a sign of fungal infection. Find out about causes, treatment, and prevention from FootSmart. If you've noticed a discoloration of your toenails—particularly a yellowish hue— you might be experiencing the signs and symptoms of toenail.

Nail fungus is a common condition that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. As the fungal infection goes. Explore this Article Cleaning Yellow Toenails Preventing Yellow Toe Nails Smoking causes discoloration of skin, nails, and hair and cutting. Toenails turn yellow for more than just one reason; however, if you notice a pronounced, sudden change in nail color and shape, report it to your doctor, advises. Some common causes of yellow toenails include nail polish, fungal infections, psoriasis and diabetes. Find out what else causes nail discoloration. If your nails turn yellow, thicken, and seem to stop growing, it could be a sign of something going on inside your body. Lung disease and rheumatoid arthritis can . Yellow toenails can be caused by conditions, diseases & personal habits. Learn more about the causes & treatment of yellow toenails from. The next biggest cause of yellow nails is the tar and nicotine from cigarettes. If you are a smoker, the best way to stop the yellowing of your nails. Fungal toenail infections can cause discoloration, making your nail as well as your fingernails, may begin to turn a light shade of yellow. The characteristic finding associated with yellow nail of the nails from the nail bed (onycholysis) may cause the nails. Nail discoloration, in which the nails appear white, yellow, or green, can result from different infections and conditions of the skin. In about 50% of cases.