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How wide are top fuel dragster tires

Think of an NHRA Top Fuel dragster as one big mechanical computer. Thirty- six inches tall, inches wide, and weighing 48 pounds. 1. Size. Tire. Code. Compound. Comments. MSRP. Rim. Width. Overall. Diam. Avg. Circum- ference. Section. Width. Tread. Width. Weight. Top Fuel & Funny Car. Section. Width. Tread. Width. Weight. Top Fuel & Funny Car. So how do you get a top fuel dragster to stick to the ground with as much contact width for a drag tire.

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D-1, For use on Dragsters and other lightweight cars Top Fuel Funny Car. Call us. Tire Size: Part #. Compound: x D-2E Tread Width. It's like having a garden hose wide open at each cylinder. . Over a mile up the road, a Top Fuel dragster is staged and ready to launch down a. More than racers will compete for 12 titles in a wide variety of racing in the four of the five Winston Pro categories: Top Fuel dragster, Funny Car, Class Drive Tires Top Fuel / Funny Car 5 PSI Pro Stock 5 PSI Pro.

Top Fuel dragsters are the quickest accelerating racing cars in the world and the fastest .. This means that a fueler engine will provide power over a very broad range from very lean to very rich mixtures. Thus, to attain Power outputs which create tire slippage will smoke the tires and as a result the race is often lost. 77Gallons per minute the fuel system can pump at wide-open throttle. Minimum weight, in pounds, of a Top Fuel dragster. Number of inches the rolling diameter of the rear tires grows during a mph run. Figure 1 shows a top fuel dragster. Its wheelbase is 25 ft, with huge rear tires (36 in diameter, in tread width) and small front tires. A big rear wing is used to.

Wide tires for drag racing tires also come in a variety of hardnesses or For most dragsters, certainly top fuel, the tires and track are sticky like scotch tape or. One Top Fuel dragster's cubic-inch Hemi engine makes more horsepower So, 2 wide, times 8, is 16 cars, at HP, 16* is . Tires are $, last about runs, fuel is $20/gallon, they use 20 gallons or so. A racing slick is a type of tyre that has a smooth tread used mostly in auto racing. The first production slick tyre was developed by M&H Tires in the early size, from slicks used on motorcycles to very wide ones used on top fuel dragsters.

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Interestingly enough, driving a Top Fuel dragster is not overly complicated as big Goodyear tires on the rear of a Top Fuel car measure inches in width and . Hoosier produces purpose-built bias ply drag slicks and drag radials that are . Mendy Fry took the Top Fuel win in the High-Speed Motorsports dragster at the. You've probably noticed that the rear tires of a Top Fuel dragster are pretty wide. In fact, tread width of a drag tire is around 17, or about 8. Scott Palmer's Magic Dry Absorbent Top Fuel team extends encouraging streak his Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Top Fuel dragster team has been on an Both of us spun the tires down track but luckily I had posted a After struggling mightily during qualifying for last weekend's Four-Wide Nationals. can create. See more. Thought of the Day Top Fuel Dragster, Nhra Drag Racing, Auto Racing, Drag . Wrinkle-wall tires on a top-fuel dragster. Mark Snyder. Talking about fast, Top Fuel Dragsters finish the race in a flash; blink and you . The rear tires are already wide and bulky enough to absorb. Top Alcohol Dragster: Chassis: .. Fuel Injection. Piston: .. .. Top Fuel Dragster: Chassis. The top fuel dragster is the fastest and quickest vehicle in drag racing. with large rear tyres (36 in diameter, in tread width) and smaller. Electric Top Fuel Dragster (3s); Nitro Top Fuel Dragster Max); Electric Funny Car 1/10th Maximum tire width 5”, minimum height 6”, maximum height 9”. The rear tyres on a Top Fuel dragster are in wide, giving a generous contact patch with the track. “We run them at about psi,” says Jones.