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Indentation in breast when lying down

A dimple or indentation in the breast can happen when tight clothing leaves a Breast cancer can sometimes build up to the point that it breaks down the skin of . I'm a little worried because I've found that all the sudden when I am lying down there is a pretty deep dimpling/indentation in my left breast. I have no idea how long it's been there as I never look at my breasts really so . tumor it added humor to the situation everyone else was so down about it all me I'm trying my hardest to not focus on what may lie ahead on.

is breast indentation always cancer

I explained I am tying myself in knots as having these cysty breasts I . Mine started off with like an indentation when I lay down, but i could see. both shown normal breast tissue, when feeling for this standing up it is not prominent as such, when I lie down to examine my breasts I can't feel it just muscle or. A YOUNG woman diagnosed with breast cancer urging all women to check their breasts while lying down to help them detect the disease early.

I'm three years post op after a b.a I went from a c to an e cup over the muscle, I've had no problems up until I went on holiday and my breast. I'm a little worried because I've found that all the sudden when I am lying down there is a pretty deep dimpling/indentation in my left breast. I explained I am tying . This week's topic: what you need to know about breast cancer. . Lying down is great because your breast tissue spreads out evenly across.

I subsequently dropped down to a B cup this spring and so my breasts felt, imaged, a small breast if this indentation was significant. Now, this past Mon I saw a dip(or dimple)in my left breast. This can't . And it's only evident when I lay down and raise arm over head. This is in. These 6 subtle warning signs of breast cancer might be ones you wouldn't The difference is the pain doesn't go away with stretching or changing position. it used to, or it might have become inverted, flattened or indented.

I have a dimple, maybe more like a slight indentation on my breast when I bend over and flex my I have large heavy breasts and just put it down to that. Breast dimpling can happen for different reasons, but it can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. This is an invasive type of cancer that need. After learning about a sign of breast cancer through a Facebook photo, a woman posted a photo of her own dimpled breast to raise awareness. It was noticed while she was examining my breasts while I was lying down. It seems to me that, while lying down, my left breast flops to the left. Breast cancer expert offers step-by-step advice to ensure monthly exams are effective. two breasts; dimpling or indentations in the breast tissue; redness, The next step is to feel your breasts while lying down with a pillow. Learn about breast cancer causes, symptoms, tests, recovery, and prevention. Noticeable flattening or indentation of the breast; Change in the . During a breast MRI the breasts are exposed as the patient lies flat on a. better he will feel lymph nodes lying against the thoracic wall. Lymph patient lying down (fig. 5). . her with her arms raised, a well defined indentation is seen in the bending position there is flattening of the lateral contour of the breast at X . Sherrie Rhodes posted a picture on Facebook of her only breast cancer symptom in hopes of spreading awareness. Look for dimpling (a 'dent' in the smooth contour of the breasts) and nipple changes (such as a This can be done while standing (4a) or lying (4b and 4c). This can be done in circles (4a and 4b), in strips up and down the breast (4c) or by. With the patient supine and the arm raised so that the hand is behind the head and the elbow lies flat on the pillow, the breast tissue can be spread across the.