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How to change default gmail account

Your default Gmail account is what dictates your default YouTube page, your calendar events, and much more. To change your default Gmail. Go to and sign in with the account you want to set as the default account. Remember, the first account you log in to becomes the. To change the default Google account when you are using the I've been using multiple sign-in feature for my Gmail and Google Apps.

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Setting or Changing the Default Google Account for Multiple Sign In Users. Go to any Google site (,, etc) in a non-private. In my case, I have a work Gmail account and a personal Gmail account. Changing your default Google account is easy and can be done on. You can change your default Google account in a few quick steps, change, and sometimes that means a certain Gmail account needs to.

If you use multiple email addresses, you can set Gmail to use whichever one you want as a default for sending emails. If your work gets stuck due to multiple Gmail accounts logged into a single window, here is how to change default Gmail account in your. Learn how to change the primary or default Google account in your Android mobile phone. You can use another Gmail account or Yahoo!.

Just click on your profile image (top/right) and click “sign out.” It will sign you out of all of your Google accounts. Then (and here's the kicker). Hey, how's it going viewers, I think it's been a struggle for most of you guys including me, trying to set a default Gmail Account on our mobile. The default account is the one using which you login to your Gmail I want to change this and the instructions I found on the internet from.

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How do i change the default (the top) gmail account. family gmail accounts that come up in the upper right hand corner of the gmail window. I want my personal account to be my primary account, so I signed into this first and it works fine. The problem happens when I sign into my work. You can make Gmail account default on your PC as well as your Android phone in case you have multiple sign-in users. Here, we will discuss in detail how that. This is possible to change default Gmail account of Android mobile using this guide. Change primary email account of Android and wipe out all data. Google's Multiple Sign-in accounts feature has been incredibly helpful to us in many ways. Considering how popular Gmail has become in the. The primary username in Gmail is the username you choose when you create a new email account. If you create a Gmail account through Google + under an. If you are here to see how to change which gmail account opens first, the short answer is: Sign out of all Google accounts and then login again. And it will be with the passage of time, because although it is possible when you want to change default Gmail account quickly – using the. To change the default Gmail account: Click the toolbar at the top right; Click. This can become a problem when trying to access calendars or documents that your “default” account does not have permission to access.